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SET India Net Worth , Earnings & Reviews

SET India Net Worth , Earnings & Reviews

It has more than 120 million subscribers on YouTube. When SET India first started, it was 2006 and it is in India.
There is a lot of talk about SET India’s net worth or how much money it makes. The YouTuber isn’t very open about how much money he makes. Net Worth Spot can make a good guess, though.

Net worth of SET INDIA

When Net Worth Spot looks at data from the Internet, it thinks that SET India has a net worth of $515.4 million, but that figure isn’t 100% sure.

The $515.4 million figure is only based on how much money YouTube makes from advertising. In fact, SET India’s worth could be even more. SET India may be worth more than $721.55 million after taking into account these other sources of income.


How much does SET India earn?

SET India is thought to make $128.85 million a year.
Fans of SET India often ask the same question: How much money does SET India make each year?

A lot of people watch SET India’s YouTube channel every month. Each day, the channel gets about 71.58 million views from people.

If a channel is paid for by ads, it makes money for every thousand views of a video. As a rule, YouTube channels make between $3 and $7 for every thousand views of a video. If SET India is in this range, Net Worth Spot says that SET India makes $8.59 million a month, which works out to $128.85 million a year.

It’s possible that Net Worth Spot is under-reporting SET India’s income. SET India could make as much as $231.93 million a year if things go well, though.

People who make money on YouTube don’t usually have just one source of income as well. Sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales, and speaking gigs may make more money than ads, but they’re not the only ways to make money.


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