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3 Ways to Avoid Ads on YouTube

3 Ways to Avoid Ads on YouTube

Skip the obtrusive and annoying ads on YouTube, using these three simple options

Online advertising has become a big business, helping monetize content like video streaming on YouTube which made $28.8 billion in advertising revenue last year. However, running into a series of interminable ads can be quite frustrating and obtrusive. Here is how you can avoid ads on YouTube while watching videos on the site:

Pay for YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium comes as a bundle with YouTube Music Premium , letting you watch videos and listen to music in the background after exiting the app, all without being disrupted by ads. While the Premium version may still not be available in Pakistan, you can use a VPN to change location of your device and sign up for the membership. YouTube subscriptions offer student and family plans as well, at affordable pricing.

You can also subscribe to Google One and get YouTube Premium membership for free for three months.

Installing an Ad blocker

Using Chrome web store, you can install a YouTube ad blocker. After installation of the app, reboot the browser, placing a “cleaned by Adblocker for YouTube” line underneath each video you stream on the website. Similar extensions are available for other browsers as well like Microsoft Edge and Firefox. Adblocker Ultimate will work on any browser extensions, including android and iOS browsers, costing $29.88 a year for three devices. However these blockers will create a list of YouTube channels you may want to support with advertisements, while blocking commercial ads.

Trying YouTube clones

Adblockers and VPN to access YouTube Premium will not work on phone applications, but you can use alternate apps that have an approximation of the YouTube interface while offering same video services. Many of these apps like Amazon Fire use a variation of android and iOS, allowing you to sideload the apps. While they may not be available for download on legitimate app stores like Google Play, the apps will not contain any kind of ads. Some of these apps include, SmartTubeNextNewPipe, and SkyTube.


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